Monday, May 3, 2010

The Real Cost Of Piracy

With the North American debut of "Iron Man 2" still five days away, scores of pirated copies of the comic-flick began popping up online this weekend.

The film, starring actor Robert Downey Jr., generated a whopping $100 million in ticket sales this weekend in its overseas debut, according to Reuters. Apparently, among the millions of International moviegoers to see the film were some hiding handheld cameras.

At The Pirate Bay on Sunday evening, there were dozens of copies of the Paramount Pictures' film available for download. According to comments by users, the copies available were recorded by people sitting in the theater who videotaped the movie off the screen using handheld cameras. This kind of pirated film often offers mediocre viewing quality: unsteady picture, blocked views, and poor sound.
Listen you boneheads! IT'S ONLY 5 MORE DAYS! You want your first blast of Iron Man to be on a crappy computer monitor VHS quality version or a 70-foot-tall 5.1 dolby surround version? Just because you CAN see it now, doesn't mean you should. It's like having sex with an ugly person instead of waiting a few hours for that hot person you know is coming to the party. The hot person is worth waiting for.

If you must see it for free, sneak into a movie theatre this Friday. Believe me, it's easy.

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