Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers here, not here anymore.

Nothing succeeds like successes, especially if you throw a generation or two between 'em: A Nightmare on Elm Street returns with a whopping $33 million and the number one spot for the weekend. Welcome back Freddie! As a colliery, nothing fails like failure; and that explains Furry Vengeance. Debuting at #5 with only $6.6 million. So long Brendan!

How To Train Your Dragon (#2) only pulled in $10 mil and change, but has generated $192 million in 6 weeks. Weep not for Dreamworks.

I'm fascinated by the Box Office Mojo chart, which differs from the Daily Variety in two ways. One, they don't insist on an expensive subscription to read the chart and two, the bottom ten films aren't ranked at all! They're just there, floating loose, as if there were no figures at all to rank them with. There are. Check it out!

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