Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers! You like mister?

To quote Peter Serafinowicz, "Iron Man also designs casual wear, but that's not his strong suit." Proving the franchise can easily withstand dopey jokes, Iron Man 2 opens at #1 with $128 million. Talk in the streets is a probable 60% drop next weekend, but by then they will have enough money to buy back all those other Marvel characters from Disney.

Meanwhile, at a farrrrrrr distant 9th place, the French documentary Babies pulls down $2.2 million. Perhaps if the theaters had taken the trouble to baby-proof that money, it couldn't have been pulled down! Too late now. New parents have to learn as they go.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, with only $9.1 million in 2nd place, already seems like a distant dream.

For kicks, a reminder: when you adjust for inflation the number one movie of all time is Gone With The Wind. If every ticket bought for this movie was priced like this last weekend, the civil war romance would have made $1,606,254,800. Also, Turner Classic Movies wouldn't exist because Ted Turner would never have been able to buy up all that MGM material at bargain basement prices. And I'm not sure how this would play out, but I bet the Nazis would be running England.  In any event, big deal Avatar.

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