Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The upfronts, an annual attempt by the networks to presell advertising for their shows, concluded over the weekend. Lo and behold, comes the new week and networks start making their programming announcements. Here's what you can look forward to not seeing this fall! Or sooner. In fact, presumably you're not seeing these shows now, which is why they're on the way out.

Cold Case
Miami Medical
Accidentally On Purpose
New Adventures of Old Christine
Ghost Whisperer (I bet this last one is because they got Medium from NBC, and it's just better)

Law And Order (pressure from the powerful Gunsmoke lobby, which is the only hour-long dramatic to be on the air longer)
Heroes ("we have satisfied the viewers desire for the show,” Bromstad said.)

Romantically Challenged

This list is not complete. Though everyone has announced new shows, not everyone has firmed up what they're clearing out. And remember, if you liked a show there's always a chance that it will be picked up by basic cable and produced for a fraction of the current budget. So it's almost a certainty that Corey Feldman will be working!

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