Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Box Office

I'm a numbers man, myself. (Speaking of which, did you hear that CBS has canceled Numb3rs? This could be worth another post)

Iron Man 2 drops 59% from opening weekend, but that means it's still #1 with $52 million. In the "fresh" category, #2 is Robin Hood (why didn't someone think of making a movie out of this before?!) at $36 mil, #3 is Letters to Juliet with $13 mil and #4 is Queen Latifah vehicle Just Wright with $8.2 million. Two romantic comedies for counter-programming and a market dump! Grim weekend. Look for Robin Hood to fail quickly and efficiently.

My favorite new movie of the week opens somewhere below the top 40: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo. Pulling down only $6k and change, I can't tell you anything about this movie except if I were strolling past the theatre and saw that title on the marquee, I'd be inside in a hot minute. Admit is, so would you!

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