Saturday, May 29, 2010

How To Survive The Death Of Print Media

I have been lamenting, for some time now, letting my subscription to Daily Variety lapse. It was a luxury that I just couldn't afford; and after a while I had to admit that the only reason that I maintained it was to enjoy the For Your Consideration ads that producers took out in their effort to score awards. Entertaining, but not $200-a-year entertaining.

Well, that was a decade ago, and now the print edition of Daily Variety is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. However, I was just at the Westfield Topanga Mall near my apartment (there are four malls near my apartment - it's a gift! And a curse) when I came across this, right smack dab in the middle of the concourse. The reflection you see is me, holding up my iPhone.

This bespeaks a couple things I hadn't considered. One, print is dead. Two, I must be surrounded by industry people. If there wasn't a high concentration of Emmy voters in this area, Fox would be buying kiosk space in the Beverly Center instead.

I gotta admit, it's a little weird to have a pint-sized Hugh Laurie glaring at me while I'm shopping for jeans.

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