Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers numbers, who's got the numbers? You do.

Another slow week as summer ramps up. Debuting at #2, The Back Up Plan starring some girl named J-Lo or something. Looks like a sanded-down chick-flick version of Knocked Up to me. Whatever it is, it generated $12 million which is pretty anemic. Is nobody dating this month?

At #1 How To Train Your Dragon (or Dragons, as it's called in the commercials) doesn't exactly climb to the top of the mountain to reclaim the pinnacle. The mountain dropped and it didn't drop as fast.

Even worse, The Losers. #4, $9.4 million. Sad l'il action pic. Props to the studio for daring to go with a self-prophetic title; and good that they shot down the even worse one, Death At The Box Office.

A reissue of Wild Child (probably this) rounds up the bottom of the list, earning $251. Pretty good for three days. Who says children shouldn't work?

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