Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Box Office

The numbers! The NUMBERS!

Two new ones this week in the top ten, and it bespeaks the very sad state entertainment is in nowadays. At #2, Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren star in Red, a spy romp. Come on people! What's not to like! Actually it brought in $22 million, so it did okay. Okay unless you see that the number one movie made $50 million without Academy-Award-winning stars, a plot or a script. It's a third sequel based on a TV show! Ladies and Gents, I give you Jackass 3D, an anthology of humorous groin injuries presented in 3D. And unlike certain other recent offerings, no CGI owls.

Wow, this is a rare treat - at the bottom of the list, so far down that they aren't ranking, Behind the Burly Q. Only $39 bucks for the whole weekend!  Analyists suggest the movie would have made more but the theatre had a strict 2 drink minimum.

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