Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Case You Haven't Blown Enough On 3D TV Yet

While movie goers seem to be divided on whether 3D really enhances a film or not, it’s a hands down “no” for prescription glasses wearers. For those of us with less than perfect vision, wearing 3D glasses over prescription glasses can be a nauseating experience that leaves painful marks behind the ears. Samsung has recognized the fact that the majority of people require corrective lenses, and a great many choose to wear glasses, and therefore have an impeded 3D viewing experience. Their answer is prescription 3D glasses which are custom-made by an optometrist and take about a week to make.
So the medium requires a different encoded type of 3D for your player and proprietary glasses for each system (your Samsung glasses won't work with your Sony TV, for example) and now the glasses themselves will cost 3 times as much and can't be used on more than one head.

Why oh why won't people buy more 3DTVs?

h/t Gizmodo


  1. As long as you gotta wear ugly glasses, 3D is going to be a novelty. Maybe the answer is 3D contact lenses. since 3D TVs use active blanking the contacts will have to be powered, so you'll have wires coming out of your eyeballs. But how cool is that?

  2. I checked out the link to Gizmodo. Gotta love that site. Like C-NET, it's embrace of technology is blindingly uncritical and proves the aphorism that to someone with a hammer, everything is a nail.