Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers here, for the detail-oriented.

Understand, The Social Network took #1 again this week so it's not that big a weekend for new movies. Still, you could do worse. Life As We Know It, which WB is selling as a comedy about child-rearing, made $15 mil in the #2 slot. With $13 mil, Secretariat comes in at #3. What do you want to bet that this was in development since Seabiscuit came out? Producer saw it, said "I want me one of those." Wes Craven's My Soul to Take only takes $7 million at #5, virtually guaranteed to be out of the way by Halloween. Sometimes it's Elm Street, sometimes it's Shocker; just can't tell with that guy.

Lowest grossing debut: As Good As Dead, which made both an average AND a total of $1494. Filmmakers are advised to vet their titles carefully for irony.

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