Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers by the number.

Pretty good weekend, actually! People are saying the two star-driven movies that opened but didn't beat Toy Story 3 are disappointing, but come on, nowadays a BAD 3D movie can trounce anything. Let's all just chill a little shall we and celebrate in the profits.

The aforementioned TS3 takes #1 with $59 million dollars, which is great for a second week even though it's down 46% from the opening. What's more, it potentially could go UP again next week for the holiday. At #2, SNL reunion video Grown Ups pulls down $41 million, which is great. Hopefully all those talent contracts allow for some profit over at Sony! At #3, Knight and Day featuring once red-hot Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. A $20 million dollar opening starring, say, Josh Brolin and Paget Brewster would have been considered quite a coup. Perspective is everything.

(I love you, Paget Brewster!)

Lowest opening weekend this time is Dogtooth, which looks like a weirdo Greek comedy to me. Still, they manged to get two screens somewhere! How is YOUR movie doing?

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