Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ghost Whisperer Mea Culpa

i did a little re-reading of past entries here and I realized that I keep mentioning The Ghost Whisperer in the context of things I like to watch on my monster television. It was meant as a cheap joke but like all such remarks, there's more truth in it than I'd care to admit.

So just this afternoon, I'm flipping around the terrestrial Los Angeles stations and I come across the local ION outlet which is, indeed, showing The Ghost Whisperer. There's Jennifer Love Hewitt, looking all empathetic, meeting with someone in this misty park where it seems half the action of the show takes place. And it was at this moment that I realized what I like about the show. It ain't the acting (overwrought) and God knows it ain't the writing (predictable and trite) but it IS the lighting.

That show is stupid and gorgeous. The cinematography is the top of the craft by bored professionals who can make crap like that work even when they're sleepwalking, which they pretty clearly are. And it makes watching good-looking people who pretend to see ghosts watchable.

Weirdly, I still can't sit through an episode of CSI, which they cinematograph the hell out of. So maybe I have a hidden spiritual streak, or a suppressed crush on Camryn Manheim. Must explore. Also, must check out Criminal Minds, now that I know Paget Brewster is a regular. My crush on HER is out in the open.

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