Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Can't stop, addicted to the numbers.

Whatever unfathomable alchemy governs success, one cannot predict it. How else do you explain this: Two movies based on faintly ridiculous properties from the eighties open the same weekend. Both do well, but one does more than twice as well as the other. Which one? The Karate Kid or A-Team?

Flip a coin, fool.

At #2 with $26 million, The A-Team. Doesn't matter who's in it, the important thing is that it's Charlie's Angels without the girl power. Whooooo! But at #1 it's The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith's kid Jaden. $56 million, probably cost a lot less to make too, and even lacks the salutory factor of 3D. I just don't get it.

Usually I go swimming around the lower part of the charts to find an amusing morsel but there's nothing there that strikes me this week. I noticed that the Tony awards lost big to NBA finals in the ratings. Proof that you can't pit the Gay Superbowl against a real Superbowl.

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