Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers here; or if you are a fan of canceled CBS crime shows, numb3rs.

So many new movies this week, so little audience. They can't ALL have found great deals on monster TVs! Still, they weren't at these movies.

Debuting at #2, Russell Brand vehicle Get Him To The Greek. A respectable but not earth shattering $17 mil, but it's still the last time you'll see "Russell Brand" and "respectable" together for a while. Below that at #3, Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel in Killers. $16 mil almost. At #6, Marmaduke, (the less said about the better) with $11 mil and change; at #8 is Splice, a science-fiction trifle with Adrian Brody. Remember him? Oscar winner? Anyone? It made $7 million.

At the top of the chart is Shrek, grabbing $25 million in his huge green mitts. Even when you're going wrong with 3D you can't go wrong, apparently.

Special viewing tip of the week, if you can find it: OSS117: Lost in Rio. A spoof based on a series of French spy films, it could be worth it just to scratch your head at the gags, which would be totally divorced from their gallic setups. Whatever, mon ami - if you want me I'm at home, enraptured by the awesome clarity of Ghost Whisperer reruns.

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