Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Heartache by the numbers.

Well, looks like that crazy 3D fad has run its course - Alice In Wonderland knocked out of the top spot by a digital cartoon! Let's see: How To Train Your Dragon takes #1 with $43 million dollars and... it's in 3D. OK, don't switch to monocles yet.

At #3 the other new entry, Hot Tub Time Machine. Only $14 million! Sometimes making the internet the basis of your marketing strategy works, others... well, I bet it does good cult business.

Allllll the way down at #105, Murder In Fashion. $177. A look at this description will confuse you. It reads like a documentary, but the genre is listed as "horror", or on Variety's chart, "crime". Might be worth sneaking in to if you live near the one theatre it's playing at. If you know anything about it, comment for us won't you?

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