Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend Box Office

I'm your numbers! Drink me!

Holy Mackerel, 3D is unstoppable. There are new movies on the chart - Matt Damon's Green Zone comes in at #2 with $14 million (respectable for an Iraq war movie) romantic comedy She's Out Of My League delivers a lackluster $9.7 mil at #3. At #5 few people remember Remember Me with only $8 mil and at #6 "indie" comedy Our Family Wedding receives $7.6 mil in gifts.

But if you're looking for action, go ask Alice.

Tim Burton's 3D take on Alice In Wonderland takes the #1 spot with $62 million dollars. It's down 46% from its massive opening, which is in itself massive. This looks like one of those easy-to-greenlight deals which pays off for the studios and keeps somone employed at Disney through four or five flops. Whoever they are, I resent them.

Bottom of the chart newcomer is My Year Without Sex, pulling down $528 at one theatre in its first weekend. Geez, subject matter notwithstanding, couldn't you guys shell out for a coupla TV ads SOMEHWERE?

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