Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers here.

Looka that, I been so busy I that I forgot to post the numbers yesterday! What'd I miss anyway... Oh, that's interesting. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland made $116 million dollars in 3 days.


Yeah, looks like 3D is a pretty safe bet for the foreseeable future. I mean, good lord! Let's compare Alice to the #2 movie, Brooklyn's Finest. It only made $16 million. What's the difference? Obviously, no 3D. If you have a movie in the pipeline, let me suggest right now that at the very least, you rejigger the titles so they float a foot in front of the screen. And maybe add a wisecracking ghost who comments on the action.

At the near-bottom of the list, Beeswax. For a change this #104-positioned movie, which pulled down $96 in three days, looks pretty interesting. Maybe I'm wrong but if I'm not, maybe this blog will pump up the numbers and Beeswax will make twice these numbers next weekend. Twice! The power of the press, ladies and gentlemen.

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