Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Hey hey we're the numbers.

Alice lives here for the moment: At #1 Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, pulling down $34 million in the weekend and $265 million so far. You'd think they could afford to let you keep the glasses!

And 3 new movies nipping at Alice's heels: Diary of a Wimpy Kid at #2 with a respectable $22 million, The Bounty Hunter at #3 with $21 million and Repo Men at #4 makes only $6 million. I confess that I know nothing about the Wimpy Kid. Wherever they were advertising that thing, I wasn't. The other two, more power to 'em.

Interesting rerelease this week: hitting the chart at #95, Kurosawa's Rashoman pulls down $331 at one location. Of course that's the distributor reporting. The theatre remembers it as having only made $150, the projectionist insists that it made $500.

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