Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Box Office

Box Office Mojo is down; I had to go to a different source for my numbers!

Producers should probably be grateful that certain big news items didn't really emerge until late Sunday, after the box office weekend was more or less over. Surely they would have hurt the grosses of Fast Five, which had a similar target audience. This 5th sequel to The Fast and The Furious boasted both Vin Diesel AND Dwayne "I'm Not The Rock anymore!" Johnson, two guys who could use a hit. They got it! FF premiered at #1 with $86 million.

Meanwhile at #5 is Prom, a movie the Boston Globe calls "deeply unthreatening".  And indeed, it only made $5 million, a sign that they only bought ads on the Disney channel. Crawling in at #6 is Hoodwinked 2: Hood Vs. Evil, a sequel that nobody apparently wanted. It made $4 million, despite being both CGI and 3D.

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