Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Box Office

The hammer of the Gods helps you crunch the numbers.

Let me say right now that I was mistaken. I said nobody's going to turn out for the opening weekend of a big-budget movie based on the Thor comic books because Thor is silly. I was half wrong. Thor IS silly, but  the movie debuted at #1 and made $66 million. Can't wait to see how much of that it holds on to next weekend. If it's solid, I may even see the thing myself!

At #3 Tri-Star release Jumping the Broom makes $15 million. Urban romantic comedy, thanks for asking. Right behind it with almost $14 million, Something Borrowed. I'd be interested in finding out why two studios would think this is the weekend to release wedding competing wedding comedies. Mother's Day? Really? Doesn't make sense to me.

Keep an eye open for Rutger Hauer vehicle Hobo With A Shotgun, which made $12 thousand bucks and has gotten more press than a movie this size normally does. You'll probably be streaming this on Netflix before you know it.

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