Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Box Office

These numbers are nice, but I'm not married to 'em.

God of Thunder/Superhero Thor holds on to the top spot (what is wrong with you people!) but coming in a strong second place is Bridesmaids, the Kristin Wiig-penned comedy about chicks being as bad a dudes man. $26 million! Me, I still haven't seen The Hangover but I don't get out enough. At #4 is Priest, another comic-book-based property but not presold enough - it only made $14 million.

I think I'll award worst title honors to Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives which debuted last week at #116 but now languishes at #119. I can't imagine how this would have been more appealing in Thai, but in any event here it needs work. Hello Strand Releasing! "Uncle Bobby" is all you need! Then you can sell the remake rights to George Clooney! Say.... "Uncle Clooney." There, I saved you a step.

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