Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Box Office

What's the story? Numbers.

Megamind still keeps its diabolical hold on the number one spot with $29 million, but 3 other movies opened this week and they deserve our attention too! For example, Unstoppable coming in at #2 with $23 million. Like director Tony Scott's career, it's the story of a train that cannot be stopped no matter what kind of damage it may cause. At #4 it's Skyline, an alien invasion story that looks good in trailers but I'm suspicious that it seemed to emerge from nowhere in the last week or so, indicating a flop in the making, but for now it pulled down $11 million. at #5 with only $9 million we have Morning Glory, starring Harrison Ford and a few other of our most treasured has-beens.

At the bottom of the chart, The Magician, which made $22 at one theatre. What is this movie? A helpful synopsis can be found on its IMDb page, and it's cowritten by the guy who wrote the screenplay.

The Magician recounts a series of strange moments that take place at the wake of a man who seems to have scarcely lived. What begins as an attempt to distract a little girl from the death of her father becomes a true spectacle as a man dressed in a tuxedo performs trick after trick, each more unbelievable than the last, culminating in a moment so surreal and implausible that Daryl's death becomes silenced in the minds of all the mourners.
Imagine, a moment so surreal that it can SILENCE A DEATH!

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