Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Box Office - Thanksgivin'

You want another helping of numbers? Take some home with you!

Bear in mind that these numbers are from the 28th to the 30th, even though it was a 4-day weekend. Most of the new movies opened on Wednesday instead of Friday which means they've made way more than you'll be seeing here. For example: that Potter kid took the number one spot, but at #2 was Disney 3D CGI extravaganza Tangled. It made $49 million in the two days, but by the end of the weekend it had pulled down $69 million. See what I'm saying? By the way, I'm pretty sure the greenlighting process for CGI animation nowadays starts with "I just wrote a new algorithm that renders great hair." "Rapunzel! Get some writers in here."

Waaay further down, Cher/Christina Aguilara vehicle Burlesque at #4, $12 million. Then #6 was Love and Other Drugs at $10 million, and #7 was Faster with $8 mil. Me, I saw Megamind. I hate crowds.

Lowest grossing new movie: The Legend Of the Pale Male. I was interested until I learned it's about a hawk, and not about me.

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