Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Don't take my word for it! These numbers are here for all to see!

I guess 3D isn't dead yet. Megamind, a CGI cartoon with hip voice talent such as Will someone and Tina whatshername, generates $46 million and the number 1 spot. Next down, Due Date; a Zack Gallifinakis vehicle in which he and Robert Downey Jr. drive around in a, uh, vehicle. $33 million, no special effects! #3 earned $19 million and is a sensitive drama called For Colored Girls; that's pretty impressive for a movie that has chick flick and minority written all over it.

It should worry you that after 4 weeks, Jackass 3D has made $110 million and Red has only made $71 million. Oscars aren't box office magnets after all, unless you are swinging them repeatedly at someones head and laughing.

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