Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Scary, scary numbers.

Sorry I'm late... I had an election to blog about elsewhere. Besides, it was especially unsurprising at the movies last weekend. #1: Saw 3D, as in "I saw this many times before, but not in 3D." Perhaps on the strength of the optical gimmick, it made $21 million. Also note that Paranormal Activity 2 displayed a few interestings binomials: dropped to 2nd place, was shot in 2D, is a 2nd sequel. Unfortunately it also lost almost 60% from it's opening week instead of 20%, and only pulled in $16 million. Happy Halloween!

A movie called Shake Hands With the Devil premiered almost dead last, with $86 total. Curiously, that's kind of what I was blogging about on Tuesday.

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