Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Takers, take these numbers.

Summer continues it's graceful wind-down. This summer is, weirdly, the best ever in terms or revenues but the worst in 5 years in terms of attendance. NOW the 3D thing makes sense, huh? Best quote ever, and something you'd only find on the BBC:
"Audiences were underwhelmed, and they voted with their absence," Mr Dergarabedian said.
Two new movies opened this week to middling results: at #1, Takers, a heist movie from Screen Gems, the Ghost Studio Who Walks. Takers took $21 million. At #2 with $20 million, The Last Exorcist. Until the next exorcist, presumably.

This week's bottom o' the barrel award goes to Everyone Else. If that wasn't a title, the sentence would still work! But it is, and it made $160 for the weekend. Which probably didn't even pay for the title.

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