Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Eat, Pray, Numbers.

It's mid-August and the studio execs are just phoning it in. Action movie starring action movie stars, chick flick with Julie Roberts, last year's ComicCon sensation offered up to the non-geek civilians. Pick up your check on the way out, so you have beer money for Cancun.

The Expendables, a movie produced by and starring guys whose careers faded 20 years ago, proves the winningest bet. Debuting at #1 with $34 million! Of course, once you divide that among the cash it's about a million apiece. In a shrewd counterprogramming measure Eat Pray Love (aka The Counterexpendables) picks up $24 million at #2. The audience composed entirely of disgusted wives. At #5 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World with $10 million. Not much, but huge for director Edgar Wright.

Inception has made $248 mil in 5 weeks, assuming movies even exist.

At the bottom of the chart is Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead, my favorite title of the year so far. What it proves though is that you can't make money just by adding zombies to anything. I wonder if it would help if they were 3D zombies?

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