Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Your beloved numbers.

First of all let's get this outta the way - it's still Inception at #1. Now that I have a few free weeknights I may even see it myself! The Chris Nolan directed thriller pulled down $27 million, which is the best he's ever done without a caped superhero to back him up.

Trying to knock this juggernaut out of the number one spot is Dinner For Schmucks, a remake of a French comedy that opened to some mighty tepid reviews. $24 million! Then Zac Efron vehicle Charlie McCloud enters the fray at #5 with $12 million. We're rooting for you Zac! Finally, and this is kind of an upset: at #6 is 3D computer animated Cats And Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore. 3D has been so reliable this summer that C&D's $12 million opening prompted a think piece in the Hollywood Reporter wondering if the market for movies with animated 3D CGI animal characters is drying up. After all, look at this and Marmaduke! I'll sidestep the issue and just say that whatever is keeping kids away from these couple of movies, there must be a lot of grateful parents.

Alert to Skot: One theatre in the nation is booked with The Cremaster Cycle. 5 feature-length movies, though they're more like paintings. Loony paintings with zombies and the Chrysler building. I can't find out where it is, but if it were near you, you'd probably be hearing about it.

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