Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a Satire of Meet The Spartans

This Friday, a spoof called Vampires Suck opens. I can't wait! More specifically I can't wait until September when the whole enterprise drops from theatres for good. Then by late September it will be released on DVD, and after that you'll only see it for sale in grocery stores, where it won't sell because most of the jokes will be too dated to laugh at.

It's in the same... I can't say it!!!... okay, vein as Meet the Spartans, Date Movie, Scary Movie, and other such juvenile nonsense. I love comedy, and I even love parody, but there is something about this particular genre that just sandpapers me. I sense that the writers aren't really motivated. You get the impression that they're locked in a janitor's closet, given a quota of jokes and not allowed to leave until they produce. Quality of jokes isn't a factor.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the movies would be a little funnier if they simply crowdsourced the gags. "teen vampires!" they would tweet, and then whatever gags get repeated the most, use those. At least you'd feel a little enthusiasm. As an added bonus you could save money on writers. Maybe have one guy on staff to put the jokes in some kind of order. Or not. Whatever.

Summer is almost over and I managed to get out to just ONE movie so far, the ultra-hilarious Inception. Maybe I'm just going all Andy Rooney on the film industries ass, but d'ja ever notice how all the movies just seem to be remakes of some other movie somewhere? I'd rather play Portal.

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