Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Box Office

You want numbers, here they are, but they're not finished yet.

Since there was an extra day on the weekend (still not enough for me, pal!) the figures aren't all tallied yet, but at least I can give you the Fri-Suns and that'll give you a good idea of where the weekend went. Two new movies for the holiday, and bear in mind that it's likely all downhill from here. #1: Teen Vampires! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse takes a second bite of the, uh, apple with roughly $69 million. A little disappointing but it's a sequel with less than seven months of space between it and its predecessor, so one should expect it.

At #2, The Last Airbender drags in $46 million. Didn't see it, but I read that the cartoon that it's based on is more fun. I never saw that either. Besides, if M. Night Shyamalan can't put a twist ending on it, what's the point?

Taylor Hackleford's Love Ranch opens somewhere down the chart with $49,500 on 11 screens. At last, the dream casting of Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci! Netflix looks pretty good now, don't it?

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