Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Summer Movie Of The Week

I'm going to make this a regular feature if I can remember to. Today's free download: Zontar - Thing From Venus.

Starring John Agar, Zontar is a remake of an only slightly better movie called It Conquered the World. It's the product of Larry Buchanan's Azalea Films, an ultra-low-budget offshoot of AIP which apparently existed to remake black and white properties in color, because color TV was booming then. Other Azalea Films are Mars Needs Women, The Eye Creatures, and Creature of Destructions.

It's free because it was more money and trouble to renew the copywrite than maintain it. I won't tell you how (I can't) but you are welcome to download this movie, burn it on to a DVD and watch it. I think you can even try to sell it to someone else and the MPAA is okay with that.

As you might expect, it's hilarious.

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