Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Box Office

Be afraid: the numbers are here.

Paramount's sleeper Paranormal Activity finally climbs to #1 after 30 days of platform release, pulling down (to hell) 21 million. To date, 61.5 mil. It will drop next weekend, even though if anything can drag people away from Halloween parties for a couple of hours next Saturday, it'll be this.

Saw IV opens to $14 million, a little disappointing for the reported most successful horror franchise of all time. Maybe it's time to start branching out - Jigsaw Vs. Freddy, Jigsaw Vs. Mike Meyers, Jigsaw Vs. Cheney. New blood!

Astro Boy (who? says the target audience of kids) and Cirque Do Freak: The Vampires Assistant make the top ten but they might as well already be on video. I'll check out bittorrent; they probably are.

At the other end, U2 3D (the non-YouTube version of their tour) makes $145 bucks on one screen, #122 for people who are scoring. The lowest premiere is actually a re-release of Truffaut's Mississippi Mermaid, a movie which has been underperforming for a little over 40 years. That must be a record of some kind!

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