Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Squeal Like A Schoolgirl

Fans can force networks to renew a low-rated series; they can influence story lines; and now it seems they can control the very machinations of NASA itself.

Boyband McFly's hit single Star Girl has been played out to astronauts orbiting Earth, after fans called for it to be broadcast.

Nasa agreed to play the group's 2006 song to the spacecraft crew members after being bombarded by McFly fans on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The space agency offered 35 people the chance to talk live to the astronauts, but fans wanted the song instead.

Band member Danny Jones said on Twitter it was a "dream come true".

In a later tweet to Nasa, he said: "Thank you for playing our song in space it's definatly [sic] one if the coolest things that's happened since being in the band... Amazing."
Sure, no one asks how the ASTRONAUTS feel about this. Maybe they'd rather hear New Kids On The Block, or the A-Teens. Or more likely, some early Dolly Parton:

Dr David Whitehouse, a space scientist and author told BBC radio 5 live he thought the play out had been been great publicity for Nasa and the band.

"I thought this was a way, not only to get in touch between astronauts and ordinary people, but to get down with the kids.

"Considering the average age on the space station is 46, I wouldn't have thought many of them have heard of McFly before.

"They do play a lot of music in general in the space station, they wake people up with music but it tends to be more 70s rock and country music."
That's what you get for being old-school. They brought their own music but they couldn't figure out a way to keep the phonograph needle in the grooves with that zero-gravity thing. I bet the unforgiving vaccum of space is lookin' pretty good right now.

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