Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Box Office

Here are the numbers!

Zombieland, a zombie-themed comedy (when did THAT become a genre?) comes in first at $25 million. Disney invests a little money into re-rendering Toy Story and Toy Story 2 so they'll be in that 3D the kids love so well, and it grabs the third spot, right after a newer and more expensive 3D cartoon from Sony. The lesson? Always keep backups of your files.

Surrogates drops 51% from opening, a little steep. Some people were banking on this year being the era of paranoid Sci-Fi and it's not working out.

Bottom of the chart: Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, a documentary. For a change, here's a description taken from their own website:

From the birth of a New York City downtown Ruso-disco phenomena, known as the Bulgarian Bar, to a non-stop touring marathon, with his band Gogol Bordello, Eugene Hütz takes us deep into his artistic foundation.

The story unfolds from 2001 to 2006, following Gogol's steps from underground legends to international attention.

English, Russian, Spanish, Romany
87 Minutes
U.S and A

Even with all the gypsies, the movie only made $104 over the weekend. In 22 days it has earned a little over $5000. The Ruso-disco community weeps.

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