Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Box Office

Pre-teen girls go crazy for numbers!

But not crazy enough! It's a bad week for teenage popstar Justin Beiber. For one thing, he lost the Best New Artist Grammy to a woman named Esperanza Spaulding who no one, not even the recording industry, had heard of; then his 3D concert movie Never Say Never (which was #1 as of Friday) only came it at #2 with a little under $30 million. It was close but the Beib came in behind Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy vehicle Just Go With It, which made a little under $31 million. Poor kid. He's probably looking into narcotics about now.

At #3 a CGI comedy Gnomio and Juliet made $25 million and waaaay beihind everything is The Eagle at #4 with $8 million.

A collection called 2011 Oscar Shorts debuts at #30 with $300K. What could it be about, I wonder?

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