Monday, February 28, 2011

More Academy Award Fun, In Tweet Form

Here's a "best of" collection of my tweets from last night. It's this level of comic sophistication that got me the following email just now: "Woodland Hills Pawn (@LApawnshop) is now following your tweets (@piker62) on Twitter. " I couldn't be prouder.

#coreyhaim, it's as if the Academy refused to admit you were gone.

With all the new attention I bet the producers of The Kings Speech are kicking themselves for not shooting in 3-D .

Oh great! This is what happens when a movie about a speech wins

Congrats Natalie! This must take the sting out of your boyfriend becoming a dark lord of Sith.

Ladies and gentleman, the ghost of Bob Hope!

Sorkin not delivering accepting speech while walking fast down a hall.

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