Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Box Office

Deeply predictable numbers right here.

I brought my netbook to work today! Usually when I write these Weekly Box Office reports, I'm tabbing between pages on one browser; today I'm looking at one screen and writing on the other! I tell you this because it's more interesting than the actual box office news.

Hopefully nobody involved in The Rite was thinking it was some kind of innovation. Take Anthony Hopkins, make him an exorcist, then make him a POSSESSED exorcist. I mean, it's Hopkins! You're obligated! So yes, this movie opened at #1 but it only made $15 million. It will drop over 50% next weekend. Thanks for playing.

At #3, a remake of The Mechanic or possibly a Jason Statham movie with the same title and nothing else in common. With that casting I hope it's the latter. In any event, only $11 million.

OMG I just heard on the internet radio that Fox has licensed Angry Birds with an eye towards either a movie or an animated series. Sadly, there is no money in a 30-second short.

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