Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Numbers here.

Ah romance! Studios released three of their big-guns date movies this weekend; let's see how they did. At #3, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning. It ain't Harry Potter, unless you're squinting! Still, there are $31 million worth of nearsighted youngsters out there. At #2 The Wolfman. Man's best friend (or Universal's at any rate) also pulled down $31 million, proving that old dogs something something something oh God I can't write this joke again.

At #1, cleverly: Valentine's Day! Gary Marshall's American version of Love Actually made $56 million American dollars. Studios other than WB are scratching their heads and wondering why they didn't think of it themselves.

If you were interested in dumping someone you love you may have seen Shall We Kiss, a comedy that charted at #94 and made $273 dollars all weekend. It sounds pretty bad but made twice as much as the documentary at the bottom of the chart! Muuuuuuah!

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