Friday, September 18, 2009

Something In The Way It Moves

Maybe because it's a video game that you can give to your parents for a change, THE BEATLES ROCK BAND has exceeded sales expectations.

The "Limited Edition Premium Bundle," which sells for about $250 and comes with a Ringo Starr/Ludwig-branded "Rock Band" drum kit, could sell out by November, Dauman told Wall Street analysts Wednesday at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XVIII Conference in New York. "If any of you out here want to buy some, you better hurry up," he said.

Of "The Beatles: Rock Band" in general, Viacom sold 25% of its inventory in the first week it was released, assisted by positive reviews that he called "unbelievable."

"It is a work of art," he said of the game. "We think it's going to have legs. We'll see."
Considering that you have to buy an extra controller for the Yoko character, this is quite an amazing feat. By the way, if it runs out by November, then that means no Deluxe Beatles for Christmas! And you know how much the Beatles loved Christmas.

Tangentially, you might enjoy this podcast which is the Abbey Road album cobbled together with cover versions. The ukelele version of Maxwell's Silver Hammer is my favorite.

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