Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Box Office

One thing limits everything: numbers.

The film industry shrugs this week - three weak movies opening! At the top of heap that looks like a speed bump, Limitless. The Bradley Cooper vehicle drew down $19 million, which hopefully constituted profitability. 4th and 5th place run a virtual tie - both earning around $13 mil. It's The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul. Meh. All pretty good Netflix material but I'm not too energized to drive out to the mall for this stuff.

Battle: Los Angeles dropped 60% from its opening week. I saw it on Tuesday. I was a little disappointed that for the most part it should be called Battle: Santa Monica. And for the most part, all the real destruction takes place off screen. Let's face it, from a movie with that title you want to see landmarks blown up. Captiol Records building - GONE! Hollywood sign - GONE! From the way it's shot, it might as well be Battle: Afghanistan.

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