Monday, March 21, 2011

Not THAT Bad

Don't get me wrong, this is an awful little song. It's just not as bad as the gold standard of bad, My Humps.

Still, it's bad enough to have had this result:

Rebecca Black's pop video has been viewed on YouTube 29 million times American schoolgirl singer Rebecca Black has said that negative online comments about her music made her cry.

The 13-year-old's Friday video is currently a major internet hit with 29 million views so far on YouTube.

But the track has been heavily criticised online - with some newspapers and commentators dubbing it "the worst song of all time."

"When I first saw all these nasty comments I thought this is all my fault," she told US TV network ABC.

"[I thought] this was all because of me," she added, speaking on the Good Morning America show.

Rebecca said the worst post was someone who'd written "I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get an eating disorder so you look pretty. I hope you cut and die."

The video for Friday has has been trending continuously on Twitter and is notching up views at a rapid rate.
I'm on the fence - on one hand, I could shell out a buck, buy the single on iTunes and cheer the poor kid up. On the other hand, that would just encourage Ark Music Factory to release more stuff like this, humiliating more 14-year-olds who aren't prepared for notoriety. It's a moral quandry, this song.


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  2. THAT'S what all the fuss is about? You're right: Rebecca Black is guilty of rampant mediocrity, not crimes against music. And she was absolutely aided and abetted by whoever produced it, with the Autotune and cheesy green-screen and thinking it was a good idea in the first place.

    In fact, this sounds just like the depressingly huge amount of club-beat crap that pours out of, say, SiriusXM Hits One. The difference-- and this is to her credit-- is she drops no F-bombs.

    Notebook-margin lyrics aside, Ms. Black's only real sin is the awful choice of hitting her hook line on a long vowel:"fer-EYE-day, fer-EYE-day." Argh.

    And "My Humps" is indeed much, much, much worse.