Monday, January 24, 2011

A Qualified Viewing Recommendation

Over the weekend I hade the opportunity (i.e. I was too tired to do anything else) to watch Pressure Point, a little black-n-white message picture from 1962. It's about a psychiatrist treating an American Nazi for a sleeping problem. The fun part is the casting - the psychiatrist is played by Sidney Poitier, the Nazi by Bobby Darin. NOW it sounds interesting, doesn't it? Trailer here!

Also in the cast as the young Bobby Darin is Barry Gordon, a child actor at the time who resembled both Bobby Darin AND a 50 year old Jewish Man. See A Thousand Clowns for reference. Like a lot of my favorite movies, Pressure Point is a better artifact than it is a movie; an example of overreaching liberal agitprop from producer Stanley Kramer that gives this kind of picture a bad name. What the hell, it's still fun to watch. Darin had what it takes to depict a small-time Nazi. He could have been famous!

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