Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekend Box Office

The best-laid numbers of mice and men oft go aglay.

Usually that week between Christmas and New Years is a huge box office bonanza. Everybody is done with their shopping; frequently there is family at the house that you want to get away from; often you have a little gift cash so you take it to the latest Oscar-buzz movie. EXCEPT when there is a major paralizying storm all along the eastern part of the United States, which happens to be exactly what is going on this week.

So decent numbers for new releases but not staggering numbers. For example, at #1 we have Little Fockers, the reportedly excerable third sequel to the let's-humiliate-Ben-Stiller franchise. It only made $31 million over the weekend, and word of mouth ougtta wipe that out this weekend. Next at #2, True Grit. Well-reviewed and eagerly awaited by New York sophisticates, it made $25 million.

At #8, proof that Jack Black isn't money in the bank: Gulliver's Travels made $6 million. Needz moar Kyle.

Harry Shearer recommends The Illusionist on his Twitter feed. Haven't seen it but the animated ghost of Jaques Tati is better than no Tati at all. Keep warm everybody!

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