Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Box Office

Quick, read the numbers before you get de-rezzed!

Geeks are a force to be reckoned with, it seems. Debuting at #1, the 2-decades-late sequel Tron: Legacy pulls down $44 million. Because I hate crowds (they make the theatre more laggy) I havn't seen it yet, but I love the diamond vision billboards! This ad campaign was MADE for diamond vision billboards. Maybe I'll take Mom to see it this weekend.

At #2 a 5-decades-late sequel, also a mixture of live-action and 3D CGI: Yogi Bear. Sadly it only made $16 million. Maybe it's because kids don't get that the name is a pun on famous baseball hero Yogi Berra; but more likely the filmmakers failed to approach the tone of this popular YouTube video.

Ah well, hindsight.

Also opening about 20 years late, How Do You Know, James L. Brooks' comedy. #8, $7 million. Probably deserves better but Brooks is a brilliant TV guy whose movies just don't have enough 3D, CGI or explosions for my liking. Netflix, here we come!

At the very bottom of the list, a couple of movies based on Stig Larsson novels. $20 apiece! The Girl With the Bad Distribution Deal.

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