Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Box Office

If it's numbers you want...

Not bad, considering the time of year. 4 new movies enter the top ten and do not so bad! At #1 The Town, which appears to be a crime drama. $24 mil for WB! At #2, Screen Gems returns (I think they're doing all their releasing in September this year) with Easy A, which revives the literary-classics-as-high-school-romantic-comedies genre to the tune of $18 million. Probably already turned a profit!

Speaking of profitable, it's the dream of any low-budget filmmaker to set a whole movie in a single room; imagine how much cheaper it is you can manage just an elevator! 3rd on the chart, Devil with $12 million. Finally in at 5th this week, 3D kiddie fare Alpha and Omega only made $9 mil. Parents scared off by the breeding implications? After all, that's how they wound up with children in the first place.

Beyond the top ten, a lot of movies opened this week, indicating what I said last week... the majors are holding back, and the little guys see their only chance to make a dent. In most cases it's more a nick or scratch, but anything's better than nothin'. At the very least, it keeps the accountants busy.

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