Thursday, September 23, 2010

Auditioning Sucks (When You Don't Get The Part)

Well, here I am, in Santa Monica instead of at work, because I had an audition at a small but respected theatre here. I usually feel pretty good about auditions - usually I think I did pretty good work and if I don't get the part it's because they were looking for a different type. This one, I wouldn't have hired me.

I've got a few irons on the fire this next month, and this show was going to be a third iron. I'm singing at a restaurant one night, and for half the month I'm going to be participating in the Simi Valley Ghost Walk, where I'll be playing the ghost of a parrot. I got the part because someone had recommended me based on my parrot work in another show, and I got that show because I had worked for the director before.  So I don't know, maybe a part of me felt that two gigs in one month was enough. I swear though, it's like I learned the parts and drove over the hill for thing but it wasn't me auditioning. It was my neuroses.

I definitely could have been better prepared. There were five pages to learn and I had a whole week with them, and every night I stalled as long as I could before picking up the scripts. I had a head cold and I was way out of energy, but I'll never conquer showbiz with that attitude.

There is a scenario in which I could see them calling me back, but it involves them giving me sage advice about preparing. I was professional enough at least to thank them for seeing me, though it was probably clear that I meant "wasting your time on me".

Well at least now I'm free to focus on the parrot's lines with the motivation of avoiding failing before a much larger audience. And those songs... all those songs! I hope the people in the restaurant will be good and liquored up by the time i'm on.

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