Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Box Office

Why doncha take the numbers out for a little spin?

Let me take a moment to whine about how difficult it is to write about summer box office. It's predictable. Clever doesn't make any difference to this stuff, and therefore it's no fun. For example, you know what was number one? A CGI 3D sequel to a movie that was a huge hit a few years back. Cars 2, if you're still reading, and it pulled down $66 million. What about that last sentence was interesting? NOTHING. See what I'm sayin'?

Of nominal interest is the #2 entry, Bad Teacher, which managed $32 million. I had written off Cameron Diaz, frankly. Turns out I was wrong! That's a great number for a movie that doesn't have animals or machines as stars.

Speaking of machines as stars, here's the headline under the Hollywood Reporter's review of Transformers: Dark Of the Moon which opens today.

Michael Bay delivers a techno spectacle that is spectacularly empty.

For this news I pay $200 a year?

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