Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Entry #1

This is the first entry of HANG A LANTERN ON IT, the transplanted version of Box Office Weekly, the long-running showbiz news podcast formerly on The Podcast Network.

In this forum, you can expect though-provoking articles on movies, show business (that is, the extremely weird business of making entertainment), television, and what have you.

The original was started in early 2006 by Dan K., who is something of a blogging powerhouse: He runs Keepin' It Real, Yo (http://keepinitrealyo.blogspot.com/), where he hones his left-coast political sensibilities in various verbal cage matches against ultra-right bloggers in his weight class. I was invited to guest-write for Box Office Weekly the next summer, and a fruitful collaboration was hatched.

Box Office Weekly was quite successful: It was well-read and popular, came up near the top of search engine lists, and was syndicated with regularity. (It's awesome to tell people my articles were carried by Reuters and USA Today.) But the blog articles were more popular than the podcasts, and we were camped on a podcasting network. Sort of a poor fit. This Google deal removes the onerous requirement of recording a weekly radio show, which leaves more room for pithy articles.

More fun to come-- Stay tuned!

--Skot C.

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