Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Aesthetic Reconsideration of TOMMY (1975)



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  1. Welcome, Dan!

    You'll be pleased to know your first entry forced me to change templates. I like this one better-- the main pages can be resized at will.

    And I agree with your assessment of TOMMY. It stood out as a sort of Martian-style movie when it was new.

    I've gotten into it with my bandmates over which version of "Pinball Wizard" is better: The original or the Elton John soundtrack version. Me, I prefer the Elton one: It's punchier, has a killer guitar solo at the end, and it's in C, a nice, light, fun key. The original is in B, that overly serious guitarist's key.

    (Of course, Elton may have changed it so he only had to play the white keys. Just sayin'.)